Pubs in Rye

Pubs in Rye

Located in East Sussex, England, the small fishing and navy port town of Rye is located just a couple of miles from the coast and is host to a variety of family friendly Inns and pubs. Whether you are visiting or have just moved to the area, our guide will direct you to a few of the best things to see and do in Rye. For an adventure steeped in history, you can’t beat this town for a variety of places with easy access and a warm welcome. From the 1700’s the most popular drinks consumed in Rye were wine, punch, cider, beer and brandy with champagne making an appearance in the late 18th century.

On Military Road in 1837 the Globe’s doors were opened by John Wheeler, it’s very first landlord and was frequently used by employees in charge of the maintenance of the Royal Military Canal, after which Military Road is named. In the 1870’s the Globe was using an old cave embedded in the cliff face behind the building as a pub cellar.

 The Globe Inn Marsh Today

For Individuals and families of all ages, full of history and a great food and drinks selection.

If a traditional pub in Rye with a modern feel is what you are after, the Globe Inn Marsh is your place. Situated in the heart of Rye on Military Road. With it’s roaring open fire, marine style theme, friendly atmosphere and cosy décor the Globe Inn Marsh ticks all the boxes. This pub offers everything from hot drinks to ice cold beers and caters for all ages and tastes.

There is so much to see in Rye and the surrounding areas including; St Mary’s parish church, the Rye heritage centre which includes the Ypres tower museum; built in 1249, Camber castle and the 1066 country walk, not forgetting Rye harbour with it’s yachts and small fishing fleet; And when you are done seeing the sights in Rye , you are very welcome to join us and enjoy a drink at the Globe Inn Marsh.

The Globe Rye


Globe inn Marsh Rye 

Not in the Area try our Sister Pub in Brabourne near Ashford Five Bells Inn

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